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March 18, 2013
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Gilbert Bielschmidt
How do you even begin to describe this man?

Obnoxious! "Kesesesese vhat are you doing fraauleiiiin?" "Nothing Gilbert, leave me be." "Awwww, but frauleeeeiiiiiinnn" "Gilbert! Put that down!" "C'mon I'm just loo- oops" "GILBERT!"


Full of it! "You, me, 5 meters?" "Get the hell out of here" "Vhat? Can't handle ze awesome me? I knew it~" "Get.Out.Of.Here."

He knew the exact buttons to push, ever since you first met him he was able to pinpoint the button and jab it, hard. But even with all of this, you couldn't help the subtle attraction you had with this man. Okay, not subtle, full blown high school, puppy-love, crush! But there was no way you had a chance. He was too much of a charmer, too big of a heart-breaker.

Now here you were at the biggest party you've ever been to. You hung around the corner of your pal Alfred's home. He being the "party master" himself set up his usual weekend "extravaganza", but this time there was a larger turn out than expected. So many people-familiar and quite unfamiliar- were here drinking and conversing.
You stood there in the corner wearing your (Favorite color) dress with your (Hair color) hair pinned up in a messy (yet fashionable and presentable) bun.

"(Name)!" A voice shouted over the boom of the speakers.
"Alfred!" You greeted back with enthusiasm.
The blonde slung his arm around your shoulder and squeezed your shoulders.
"What a killer my party turned out to be, dude. I'm glad you could make it!"
You gave him a small smile and he went off to greet more guests.

The night went on almost uneventful, besides Iggy having a bit too much to drink. That was a chaotic scene.

The night was dragging and you decided it may be best for you to go back home. You turned around and crimson orbs locked with your (Eye color) ones.
"Kesesesesesese~ Fraulein I knew I vould see you here" Gilbert chuckled.
You made a small "hmmm" in reply. He smirked.
"Come now (name), vhy do you have to be so rude" He pulled a pouting face which made you crack your frown.
He leaned closer to your face, earning a small squeak and a blush from you.
"Hmm, you're so cute vhen you blush (name)" He whispered into your ear.
His breath and the closeness of the situation sent thrilling chills down your spine. You pushed him with surprisingly little force muttering out "T-This is my corner, G-Gilbert, get your own."
He blinked a few times and let out his signature laugh. "Oh fraulein, you are so adorable~"
He snaked his hand around your waist and pulled you close. "Just admit you love ze awesome me, und maybe zhis night may be more fun? Hm?"

Oh god is this really happening? Is everyone watching?! Oh stop it heart not now!
All will to leave the party has left you, but still keeping some stubborn energy you turn your face away from him, cheeks redder than Romano's tomatoes.
The Prussian leaned in and barely placed his lips on your cheek invoking a burning sensation you never have felt before. Man, did it feel good.
"Maybe ve should find a place more private?"
The question must have been rhetorical, because Gilbert lead you upstairs anyway.

Going into the nearest room he pushed you in first and locked the door behind him.

"What are you-? Why are you-? Gilbert-?" You could only speak in fragments you were so flustered, your heart pounding like a jackhammer.

Gilbert, surprised by his own daring?, tuned his head away and bit his lower lip.
Now he acts this way? I've never seen him like this...

"(name)... I have somezhing I vant to say to you. Promise me you'll listen, okay?"
Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump
"For a vhile now I have been thinking over zhis und how to say it"
Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump
You never noticed how close you two actually were, like a natural magnetism that drew you together. Gilbert leaned in and whispered into your ear the words you only dreamed he would say," Ich Liebe Dich"
You stood there in shock that the albino uttered that phrase.
Ich Liebe Dich Ich Liebe Dich Ich Liebe Dich
"Gil...bert..." You mumbled out.
He turned to look at you, studying your lips closely.

"" You were cut off before you could return affections. He placed his lips on yours with surprising gentleness. It didn't last for long. Gilbert turned that sweet kiss into one of hunger and passion. You moaned, returning the kiss. Your heart was pounding in your ears as you frantically clutched onto the man attacking your lips. You felt his tongue flicker, licking your bottom lip for access for exploration. Stubbornly denying entrance you keep your lips sealed. Smirking the Prussian snaked his hand up and undid your updo. With your (hair color) strands free he then tugged on a small section hard enough to entice a gasp from you. He took this opportunity to plunge his tongue into your cavern. Exploring every inch of it. You let him do this for a moment before your tongue joined his in an erotic dance. Gilbert ended up overpowering you, but even with his victory you achieved an indescribable bliss.
You pull apart, leaving a connecting strand of saliva between you.
"Bed" he growled.
You wasted no time in crossing over to the bed.

Gilbert pushed you down onto the bed and attack any free skin he could. He nibbled and sucked on your neck earning a few squeaks and a low moan.
Without leaving your neck, the albino finds the zipper to your dress and removes the garment leaving you only in your (favorite color) lacy panties, breasts fully exposed. You shiver and cover them. Gilbert wags his finger at you and moves your arms away from your chest.
You gasp and squirm a bit under his gaze.
Gilbert wastes no time in exploring the new territory. Leaving kisses from your neck to the valley or your breasts. Experimentally he squeezes the left one to see your reaction. "Ngh" you moan.
The Prussian man then takes the opportunity to place his lips over your right breast. Twirling the pink bud with his tongue and tweaking the left which he still had in his grasp.
"G-Gil...bert" You gasp, feeling the full pleasurable effect Gilbert had on you.
You gasping his name sent shivers down the albino's spine. It wasn't enough for him though. He wanted to hear you scream it. He wanted to know if he could make you feel that good.
Gilbert then switched breasts, giving the left one much needed treatment from his mouth.
All you could do was hopelessly grip at the bedsheets.
You bucked your hips when Gilbert sucked once more. Both your hips pushed against each-other, making Gilbert moan himself when he hit his groin.
"Meine Gott, Liebe..." He whispered.
After sucking a bit more (leaving your nipples perfectly erect) he decided it was time to travel down south to the biggest prize tonight.
His hand traveled down your stomach to right at the rim of your panties.
Smirking the Prussian rubbed along your clothed womanhood, feeling your wetness.
"Kesesese~ I already made you zhis wet, liebe?" He purred.
You wiggled underneath him, "Sh-Shut up"
His smirk turned into a grin as he removed your remaining garment.
Gilbert traced around your increasingly wet entrance, traveling to your clit, rubbing teasing circles.
Your panting grew heavier as he did. Without further delay he inserted a finger and started thrusting. "Oh~" You moaned erotically.
"Feel good~?"
you could only nod your head
With that two digits were inside of you thrusting, stretching you. "Ahh~Ahhhh"
The bundle formed inside your stomach started to twist and unwind as you reached your first climax.
You moaned loudly and saw stars. Gilbert gingerly took out his fingers, and making sure your eyes were on him, licked them.
You reconnected with this world when you noticed Gilbert still was fully clothed.
"My turn" you whispered seductively.

Tearing off his clothes in record time you were faced with his very hard member. While not quite the 5 meters he boasted, his length was pretty impressive none-the-less.
You looked at him and he crashed into your mouth, this time you allowed him access into your wet cavern.
"Are you ready, (name)?"
You nodded.
"Is zhis your first time?"
You kept nodding.
"It's alright I'll be gentle, liebe."
Pushing you back down Gilbert positioned his member at your entrance.
"It vill hurt only for a short time, ready?"
You let out a low hum to signal that you were as ready as you could get.
Slowly, Gilbert pushed himself inside of you.
He stayed still until the pain subsided(well, as dulled as it could get), you then signaled him to move.
He thrusted out halfway and then back in, causing a shockwave of feeling you never imagined. You grinded your hips as a burning pleasure overcame you. "Oh Gilbert~" You moaned softly, letting the Prussian know the pleasure he caused you.
After thrusting a few more times, he hit the spot that made you scream. "There! Oh god, yes there!"
He needed no more guidance as he pulled in and out repeatedly hitting your sweetspot. You couldn't take much more of this. After several thrusts the familiar knot was back. You could tell Gilbert was close too.
Your sweating bodies slapped together as Gilbert's thrusts became animalistic, and soon that ball twisted and finally snapped.
"Gilbert!" You screamed in pure pleasure as you reached your second climax.
"(N-Name!)" Gilbert called out as he followed suit and came.
You both fell to the bed in a sweaty mess, heavy panting coming from both partners.
"Ich liebe dich (name)..." Gilbert said breathlessly.
"I love you too." You mutter as you snuggle up to the Prussian.
A few moments and your breathing had finally calmed.
"Hey, (name)" Gilbert whispered.
You looked up to see a smirk on his face.
"Next time, ve should really do zhis at my house~" He teased.
In the heat of the moment you completely forgot about the party.
You seriously hope Alfred didn't need this room.
2,735 views and 86 favorites?! :faint:I am so honored and flattered omg ;;7;;:heart::heart:
I apologize for pretty much everything, I wrote this at like 1:00 in the morning orz
This was meant to be fluffy and then it turned so lemony that I couldn't stop. :iconpervyfranceplz:
My first actual written piece and it's a lemon.... well...I hope you enjoy at least ;P

I don't own Prussia but it does seem that Prussia owns you~ :iconsexyprussiaplz:
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